About us

About us

Welcome to UrgentVisaToVietnam.Com, your trustworthy destination for Vietnam visa and Airport assistance. As a reputable portal operated by Wexplore Vietnam, we cater to the needs of foreign tourists and businessmen, offering a range of services such as Vietnam evisa, fast-track services, and car transfers. Our mission is to ensure our clients experience the quickest, most convenient, and cost-effective means of obtaining a visa to Vietnam, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience within the country.

Our Vision & Mission

At our core, innovation and continuous improvement are the driving forces behind our products and services. Our dedicated staff undergo rigorous training to proactively deliver top-notch service quality, ensuring our customers receive exceptional experiences.

As a powerful assistant to international travelers visiting Vietnam, our mission is to leave a lasting impression of Vietnam as a whole and its people in the hearts and minds of our customers. We strive to portray Vietnam's beauty in the most captivating light, making every journey a memorable and enchanting one.

Our Services

Why apply with us?



With an impressive track record of 13 years in the visa and travel industries, we take pride in our ability to handle nearly all cases with expertise and efficiency.


Instant support

We stand ready to provide advice and support round-the-clock through our hotline and live chat services. Rest assured, we promptly respond to emails within 4 working hours, ensuring you receive the assistance you need whenever you need it.



Transparency is our priority, and we ensure that all service fees are communicated clearly, leaving no room for hidden charges.



We strictly adhere to the standard customer interaction procedure, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for all our clients. Furthermore, we guarantee timely delivery of our services, so you can trust us to meet your expectations on schedule.



We treat every customer with equal respect, attentiveness, and sincerity. Each individual is listened to carefully, provided with thoughtful advice, and guided through our services in a polite and open manner, ensuring a positive and meaningful experience for all.

Our Milestones


Covid 19 over & Re-open visa services.


Affected by Covid 19.


Welcome the 45,000th client.


Provide a wide range of fast-track and car services, covering all demands of foreigners traveling to Vietnam.


Welcome the 15,000th client.


Provide private car pickup and fast-track service.


Officially launch the Vietnam evisa/visa-on-arrival service

Our Team

The foundation of every successful project is an exceptional team of dedicated individuals! At UrgentVisaToVietnam.Com, we are backed by both outstanding leadership and a team of remarkable individuals, all contributing to our success and commitment to excellence!



Jay Pham – CEO

Services Team

Our teams collaborate seamlessly to facilitate a smooth and timely flow of information and customer interactions. This coordinated effort ensures a seamless experience for our valued clients. We take great pride in being the sole entity in Vietnam with such a distinctive and efficient operating system.

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Sales Department

The key to our success lies in our robust sales team, where each member is an expert in the Vietnam visa and travel industry. Their expertise plays a pivotal role in delivering top-notch guidance to our visitors and customers. Committed to excellence, our sales staff works cohesively, providing the best support round-the-clock to promptly address customer inquiries, regardless of time zone differences.

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Operation Department

Upon receiving orders from our esteemed clients, our Operation Department assumes the responsibility of coordinating with the Vietnam Immigration Department and other partners to arrange the finest services. Working under immense pressure, these dedicated individuals exemplify a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring both the service timeline and the highest service quality are met without compromise.

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Customer Support Department

The members of this team embrace the mission of attentively listening to, comprehending, and addressing any customer concerns before, during, and after their service at UrgentVisaToVietnam.Com. Reach out to them, and you will witness their wealth of expertise in both Vietnam visa and travel matters. Their unwavering dedication ensures they are available 24/7, exhibiting a profound sense of responsibility to provide exceptional support at all times.

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Marketing Department

At Wexplore Vietnam, the Marketing Team leads the charge in all operations. Through seamless collaboration and mutual encouragement, each member strives to bring out their utmost potential. Their relentless efforts focus on ensuring the accuracy and currency of all information published on UrgentVisaToVietnam. Additionally, they are dedicated to effectively communicating our core values to all clients. Taking great pride in their work, the team consistently upholds their commitment to delivering unbeatable value, keeping their promises to each and every client.

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IT Department

UrgentVisaToVietnam.Com stands out as one of the rare visa service providers with an in-house IT team. This dedicated group is constantly engaged in enhancing our booking system and website, ensuring seamless browsing for our visitors. They are at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology solutions to establish an intelligent order management system. Moreover, should any technological issue arise, they promptly address and resolve it, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Our Typical Client

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