Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

Last update: Apr 21, 2023

Millions of foreigners from around the world visit Vietnam for leisure trips or long-term job opportunities. While Vietnam is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy, it's essential to adhere to the country's visa and immigration laws. Failure to do so may result in your name being added to the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, which can have severe consequences for your stay and plans in Vietnam. To ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience in Vietnam, it's crucial to follow the visa and immigration regulations diligently.

What is Vietnam Immigration Blacklist?

The term "Vietnam Immigration Blacklist" refers to the list of foreigners who have been deported from Vietnam (if they were present in the country) and are subsequently prohibited from re-entering the country by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

How Vietnam blacklists a foreigner?

There are various causes that may name you in the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, of which, the main ones are:

  • Not adhering to Vietnam visa rules can have serious consequences. Some common violations include:

    • Overstaying your visa without obtaining a visa extension on time.
    • Not following the intended purpose of your visa. For instance, entering Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL visa) but engaging in paid work.
    • Staying in Vietnam with a non-sponsored business visa.
    • These actions may lead to penalties, visa cancellations, and potential inclusion in the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, which can result in deportation and a ban on re-entry to the country. It is crucial to comply with the visa regulations to avoid any disruptions to your plans in Vietnam.
  • You commit any offense in Vietnam.

Consequences of getting blacklisted by Vietnam Immigration

Being blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration Department can lead to severe consequences, such as:

  • Imposition of a substantial fine.
  • Immediate deportation from Vietnam.
  • A ban on entry into Vietnam for a period of up to 5 years.
  • Your blacklisted status will be shared with all foreign missions of Vietnam and immigration checkpoints, resulting in no possibility of obtaining a visa or entry permit for Vietnam during the ban period.

It is essential to respect and adhere to the visa and immigration laws of Vietnam to avoid being blacklisted and facing these serious repercussions.

If you don’t want to get blacklisted, do not commit the above acts

Overstay Vietnam Visa


Overstaying a Vietnam visa occurs when a foreign national remains in Vietnam beyond the expiration date of their visa. The visa expiration date marks the last day that the individual is legally allowed to stay in the country, and if they remain in Vietnam after this date, it is considered an overstay, they are considered to have overstayed their visa. Click here to read more!


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