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Since 2010, we have helped over 46,000 travelers obtain visas to Vietnam.

By providing personalized attention to every case and maintaining regular communication with our clients, we ensure a smooth visa application process. Our approach has not only helped us establish excellent partnerships worldwide but also earned us high recommendations from our satisfied clients.


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John Smith

2 months ago

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your swift service. Your assistance made a significant difference for my friend, who was in dire straits the night before the flight without an evisa. Your prompt response and help were truly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Jay Pham

2 months ago

I had an amazing and truly helpful experience with them. Alice, in particular, guided me through the entire process. I needed an emergency visa, and they delivered it within just a few hours, even earlier than the estimated time they had provided during my application. I would absolutely recommend their services without any hesitation!

Phil Smith Kia

3 months ago

I had a great experience today with Alice! She was very professional and took great care of my family and I. She helped me get my Vietnam visa and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Miranda Saucier

3 months ago

This service was simple and very quick! Alice was so helpful and communicated with me the whole time. As soon as I arrived to Vietnam, the VOA was done in as little as 15 minutes. Highly recommend using this service if you need a Vietnam visa last minute.

Prashasti Saxena

5 months ago

They were amazing and really helpful - Alice was guiding me throughout the entire process. I was able to get an emergency visa within hours and even before the estimated time that they had given me when I applied. Would recommend!

Aina Maeda

7 months ago

My mother needed a Vietnamese police check as part of the US immigration visa application. We had no knowledge about how the application process works, and finding the right advisor was a real challenge. Working with the Urgent Visa To Vietnam consultant was a life changer. The consultant whom I worked with was trustworthy; she diligently answered every question I asked until everything was clear. Plus, the pricing was transparent and reasonable. We were so happy when my mother received the document in Fukuoka, Japan. It was truly a blessing for us to meet the right service agent at the right time. Thank you very much for your help!

Kisanga Somacyril

7 months ago

I must say, the tour company provided me with the best service I've ever experienced. Their team was absolutely amazing and always available to offer support. Vietnam Urgent Visa Service handled my entire trip with utmost expertise. I utilized their visa service and hotel accommodation, and the process was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Upon arrival, we felt privileged as the immigration process with the visa on arrival was seamless. The staff was fantastic, making sure there were no issues passing through immigration. I am immensely grateful for their exceptional service, and without a doubt, I will choose them again for my next visit to Vietnam

Future BuyZ

7 months ago

For just 250 USD, I obtained a 5-year visa exemption certificate, and the renewal process was incredibly fast and straightforward. It only took 8 days for the visa to be delivered to me. While it might seem a little pricey, it was definitely worth it, especially considering the time and effort I saved trying to find a reliable agency. The best part was that I could complete the entire process right on my phone, but I chose to visit their office where they spoke excellent English. Surprisingly, there was no paperwork involved at all, as long as I had my previous 5-year visa exemption certificate. In a matter of under 15 minutes, I was done with everything. Such a convenient and efficient experience!


10 months ago

In an incredibly time-critical and stressful moment for my family, Alice proved to be nothing short of amazing. She swiftly arranged emergency visas for both myself and my little brother to travel to Vietnam, where our older brother had been in a serious accident and urgently needed surgery. Within just 4 hours, everything was sorted. Alice's efficiency, meticulous attention to detail, and assertive nature helped ease our minds and provide much-needed assurance during this difficult period. We are immensely grateful to Alice for her exceptional service and support. Thank you, Alice, you truly made a difference with your incredible dedication.

Alisa Ann Fouse

10 months ago

I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Urgent Visa To Vietnam multiple times, and I must say, their quality and professionalism have left me completely satisfied. Their agents are highly responsive, informative, and trustworthy, making the entire visa process a breeze. They provided all the necessary information and assistance, ensuring we obtained our visas without any difficulties. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of a smooth and reliable visa experience.

Steven Micheal

10 months ago

This is the ultimate spot to obtain visas for Vietnam. I had no idea that my husband, a US citizen, needed a visa before traveling to Vietnam. With only an hour and a half left before our departure, I reached out to them in a panic. They promptly advised me to change the flight, ensuring they had sufficient time to process the visa, requiring at least 2 hours. I made the necessary changes and opted for the 4-business-hour visa service. To my delight, I received the visa right on the dot, at the end of the 4 business hours. I am incredibly pleased with their swift and efficient service.

Jade Lee Underwood

11 months ago

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about using this travel agency for my first trip to Vietnam. However, they completely surpassed my expectations, delivering a flawless experience. As soon as we arrived at the airport, their agent was there, ready to assist us. In a mere 5 minutes, the visa stamps were sorted, and we were on our way. Not only that, but the pickup car was already waiting for us, and the agent was right there too. Their services left us utterly satisfied. Many thanks to Ms. Alice for making it all possible.

Merry Phan

a year ago

The service was excellent, and the results were truly great. Thanks to Alice's efficient efforts, my Chinese wife's approval letter was expedited in less than a day. Although we were initially skeptical, we had no issues obtaining the visa-on-arrival smoothly. A big thank you to Alice for her assistance!

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Message from: Nadia (United States)

I just wanted to say thank you for your help this past weekend in sorting out my UrgentVisaToVietnam. I know you went out of your way - I really appreciate it and I have recommended your service to my friends who are also traveling to Vietnam in the near future.


Message from: Vehllia Tranne, Australia

Dear Alice,

I have received the approval letter. Thank you immensely for accommodating my request and processing it in under 2 working days. I am truly impressed with your efficiency. Without a doubt, I will wholeheartedly recommend your exceptional service to all my friends.

Regards, Vehllia


Message from: Tupac and Ineke, France

Dear Alice,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your assistance; everything went smoothly, and we were able to pass through without any issues. Your team has done an outstanding job, and we genuinely appreciate it. Rest assured, we will enthusiastically recommend our friends who plan to visit Vietnam to obtain their visas through your excellent service.

Best Regards

Tupac and Ineke


Message from: Simon Howard, UK


Many thanks for your swift service. I managed to book my flight for tonight, and I am eagerly anticipating my visit to Vietnam.

Best regards,

Simon Howard [..][email protected]


Message from: Le Quoc, Viet, France

Hi Alice,

Thank you very much for your invaluable assistance throughout the process! Your services have been exceptional! I will undoubtedly recommend your support to my friends and colleagues who require a visa to visit Vietnam!


Viet - Viet.[...]@Bain.com


Message from: Julien Etienne, France

The service was impressively fast and professional. I was able to use my credit card securely on a payment website without having to create a PayPal account or use any other money transfer service. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues without hesitation!


Julien, Bangkok


Message from: Luke Edward Winters, Australia

Dear Alice,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your prompt assistance with my Visa request. Thanks to your support, I had a fantastic holiday in Vietnam, and I am truly appreciative of your help.

Thanks & Regards,

Luke .


Message from: Kylie King and Jodie Parslow, Australia

Hi there

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the assistance you provided regarding my Visa to Vietnam. I am certain that I will use your services again in the future. The entire process was incredibly smooth, and your communication was excellent; you promptly responded to my emails. Using UrgentVisaToVietnam has been an absolute pleasure. Once again, thank you. We had a delightful time in Vietnam, encountered no issues upon entry, and are already planning to revisit very soon.


Kylie King and Jodie Parslow [...][email protected] .


Message from: John Charles Brian Jones., UK

Hello Ms.Alice.

I would like to acknowledge the receipt of the Approval Letter (UrgentVisaToVietnam) that you kindly sent to me today. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the way you have handled this matter and for providing such a speedy and efficient service. Your guidance on the next steps in the process is also greatly appreciated. I am certain that both my wife and I will thoroughly enjoy our visit to your beautiful country. Thank you once again for everything.

Kindest Regards.

John Charles Brian Jones. brianjonesb[...]@tiscali.co.uk


Message from: Turnbull, Ellie, Australia

Hi Alice

wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your assistance in obtaining my visa authorization letter. Your service is truly exceptional, and I will be sure to recommend it to all my friends. Thank you so much for your help!

Thanks again, Ellie . [...][email protected]


Message from: Anna Ai-Nhan L. Do

Thank you for your help. I haven't visited Vietnam before, so I was unaware of the process. Your team has been incredibly professional and efficient. Your English is excellent as well. I am truly excited to see what Vietnam is like. Thank you very much!

-Anna Do


Message from: William Terry Reynolds

Dear Ms.Alice

I am pleased to acknowledge the excellent visa service you provided when I applied last August. I will be traveling to Vietnam on February 1, 2012, and without a doubt, I will use your service again. Thank you for your exceptional assistance!

Thank you,

William Terry Reynolds


Message from: Gail and John from NZ

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for all your help with our Visa on Arrival! We arrived yesterday, and the entire process took less than 15 minutes. Despite the damp weather, we are loving Hanoi today; it's a truly magical place, and we are thrilled to be here and explore this beautiful country. Thank you sincerely for everything! Your service is highly appreciated by us!

Gail and John, 2 Kiwis who live in China!


Message from: Elisha and Colin Sydney, Australia

To UrgentVisaToVietnam

My husband and I want to express our sincere gratitude to your office for efficiently arranging a pre-approval letter for both of us. It was our first trip to Vietnam in September, and we realized the day before departure that we needed a visa to travel. Our flight carrier wouldn't allow us to board the flight to Vietnam without the pre-approval. However, we managed to catch a domestic flight from Sydney to Darwin, hoping the pre-approval would come through in time for our further flight to Ho Chi Minh city.

To our relief, when we landed in Darwin, the pre-approval had arrived in our email accounts, thanks to your office's prompt coordination with Vietnam immigration on the same day. We are immensely grateful to My UrgentVisaToVietnam for facilitating our entry into Vietnam effortlessly. The regular emails we received at each stage of the visa process from your office provided us with comfort and reassurance about the progress of our pre-approval.

We are more than happy to share the above as a testimonial on your website if desired. Once again, thank you for all your help.

Kind regards

Elisha and Colin Sydney, Australia
(...)[email protected]


Message from: David Huck, Australia

Hello, I wanted to send a brief note to express my gratitude for this service. Everything went smoothly at Hanoi airport, and I have already shared your details with our travel company for their reference and future use. Thank you once again!

Yours Faithfully,

David Huck
Head of Sales


Message from: Doare Eric Suk Koh , Korea

Thank you so much for your impeccable service. I must admit, at first, I was unsure whether to trust you guys, but your professionalism was truly outstanding. Thanks to your assistance, I had a wonderful time in Vietnam.

thanks again

+(82) 10 6475 xxxx



Message from: Robert, Denmark

I would like to extend my gratitude for providing me with the visa letter of approval for 24/05/10 and for sharing the link to the airport application form. I must congratulate you on your excellent service, user-friendly payment process, and the simplicity of your website. It has been a pleasure using your services. Thank you!

Robert, Denmark



Message from: Franz Egli, Switzerland

Dear Ms.

I hereby confirm the receipt of the approval letter with heartfelt thanks. Your quick and efficient service is greatly appreciated. I truly wish that our governmental offices in Switzerland would exhibit the same level of promptness and efficiency as your team. Congratulations on your exceptional service!

Best regards

Franz Egli


Message from: Mike Crawford. USA


Yes, this is my first day back. The trip was truly excellent, and I must commend your team for doing an outstanding job. I will highly recommend your company to others without hesitation. I do have one comment to make about the focus on the damage caused to the Citadel and other religious monuments by the Americans. While I understand that it was war and there were challenging circumstances, this aspect was emphasized quite a bit. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize that your team was extremely dependable and professional. I am looking forward to my next trip, and I will certainly choose your company again. Thank you for your excellent service!


Mike Crawford


Message from: Andrew Phan, Australia

Dear Ms.Alice,

Thank you for the speedy service, it was much appreciated.

We have successfully landed and arrived in Vietnam.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. It would be helpful if you could inform the airlines to include a link to your website, as this would help you attract more business. (I plan to lodge a formal complaint with the airline for not informing customers about your service when booking through their website.)

  2. We found paying cash at the immigration counter in the airport a bit challenging, as there is no credit facility available. If you don't have US dollars, it can be difficult to pay the exact amount required.

I always thought that tourism is about welcoming more people, allowing them to spend money in the local economy. Moreover, I believe that a significant part of business survival depends on the return of satisfied customers.

Anyway, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all your help.

Thank you.

Andrew Phan
Managing Director

"Serving you better"

Phone 1: (08) 6364 xxxx | phone 2: (08) 6461 xxxx |Fax: (08) 9458 xxxx
Mobile: 0403 697 xxx | 24/7 support: 044 787 xxxx


Message from: Adam Cooper, Georgetown University

Thank you sincerely for making the Visa acquisition process so effortless. I am grateful for your excellent service. Rest assured, I will enthusiastically recommend your company to my school, and you can expect more Georgetown MBA's utilizing your service next year. Keep up the great work!

Adam Cooper
MBA Class of 2010
Georgetown University
McDonough School of Business


Message from: Andreas Kronsteiner, Austria

Dear all,

I am writing to confirm that everything went extremely well, just as described in your detailed and excellent descriptions on your homepage and emails.

We had no problems with boarding in Qatar (Qatar Airlines) as we showed the Visa Approval letter. The reception at HCMC Airport was very kind, and those who handed over their filled-out forms and passports promptly received their Visa.

Our second entry to Vietnam at the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, while traveling by Mekong Express, went smoothly without any issues.

After having traveled to more than 120 countries, Vietnam proved to be a very easy destination to travel in. The available infrastructure is great, and the cost/quality relation for everything a traveler needs is extraordinary.

However, there were some disappointments along the way. We found that certain experiences did not meet our expectations. For instance, trekking in primary forests and meeting minorities in traditional dresses were not as easily accessible as we anticipated. Additionally, the Halong Bay trip we paid for in Hanoi didn't meet our expectations as the vessel provided was not as modern and beautiful as shown to us; it was an old broken junk.

On a positive note, we highly recommend exploring the little river at Mui Ne right after sunrise, entering the riverbed barefoot. It's a unique and special experience worth cherishing.

Overall, our trip to Vietnam was wonderful, and we truly appreciate the convenience and reliability of your services. Thank you for helping make our journey memorable!


Andreas  - AndreasKronsteiner (..omited) @andritz.com

Notes: Andreas sent us a lot of photos she took from her trip to Vietnam, we will upload onto our website shortly, but if you wish to have quality ones, please email us at: [email protected]


Message from: Becky Simpson, United Kingdom

Hi Alice,

Many thanks, can I just say thank you for such a great service.

Kind regards,
Becky Simpson
Temporaries Consultant

Tel: 011895005xx
Fax: 011893918xx


Message from: Samantha, South Kivu

Dear Ms.Alice,

I would like to express you my sincere congratulations to "UrgentVisaToVietnam", for running such an efficient sevice.

Thank you for that.


Samantha Buonvino
Public Information Officer
U.N. Peacekeeping Mission for the DRC
Bukavu - South Kivu
Celtel: +243.997.068.xxx
Vodacom: +243.814.866.xxx
Tel. via N.Y.: (212) 963-01xx ext. 43xx
Mail: (erased)[email protected]


Message from: Natalie Daw, Australia

Alice- you are fantastic and I thank you very very much for all your assistance and I'm sure both Mr Donovan and Ms Van Ommen will have a wonderful time in Vietnam.

Have a fantastic New Year.

Best regards,

Natalie Daw
Managing Director
Harvey World Travel

Ph: (03) 9963 12xxxxx
Fax: (03) 9882 44xxxx
ABN 56 098 594 0xx  Lic: 300xx


Message from: Rachel James, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for your prompt attention. This is the second time that I have used your services and I continue to be 100% satisfied!

Kind regards,

Rachel Rachel James (International Assignments Officer)


600 North Bridge Road

#18-01 Parkview Square Singapore 188778


Message from: Mark Warren Smith, United States

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I have safely arrived in Vietnam, and the visa entry process went smoothly without any problems. I highly recommend that everyone fills out the questionnaire before arrival to expedite the process.

I must say, your service was a great help to me, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone traveling to Vietnam. Thank you for your excellent assistance!

Thank you for the excellent service.

Mark Smith

Customs Compliance Supervisor

American Mitsuba Corporation Mt. Pleasant MI 48858


Message from: Austin Mitscher, Jr. United States

A very good professional service. Thank you very much.


Message from: Naik Pushkaraj Krishnakant, New Zealand

Thank you so much

I will come back to you if I need any assistance

Great service and procedure

Kind Regards



Message from: Charlie Standley, United States

Thank you very much for your prompt service. Your website made obtaining a visa very easy.

Best regards,

Charlie Standley

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