Vietnam Visa Photo Instructions

Last update: Jul 17, 2023

Ensuring that your photo meets the correct requirements is crucial when applying for a Vietnamese visa. While the photo guidelines may not be as complex as other documents, it is essential not to be careless. Using photos that do not meet the qualifications can lead to the rejection of your visa application. Taking the time to provide a proper and qualified photo is a simple yet vital step in the visa application process.

Do You need photo for Vietnam visa?

An identification (ID) photo is a compulsory requirement for foreign nationals applying for a Vietnamese visa. Just like any other documents, if the photos do not precisely adhere to the specifications of the Vietnam Immigration Department, it can not only lead to a waste of time but also impact your visa application and entry process. Ensuring that your ID photo meets the prescribed criteria is vital for a smooth and successful visa application experience.

Photo requirements in below:

 Embassy visa

  • 1 photo required (4x6cm or 2x2inc)
  • 1 application form

 E-visa application

  • 1 photo required (white background/recently taken)
  • Portrait photo (4x6cm or 2x2inc)
  • Passport data page (clear and having personal bio information)

 Visa on arrival

  • 2 photos required (4x6cm or 2x2inc)
  • No glass, white background
  • Recently taken (no longer than 6 months)


Photos for visa application

 Sample Photo

Portrait photo: 

  • Portrait photos: 4x6cm or 2x2inc
  • White background with no glasses
  • Don't smile

Passport photo:

  • Clear scan with personal bio data
  • ICAO lines must be readable

What are photos for?

For all kinds of visas, no matter whether to Vietnam or other nations, photos are compulsory. Depending on the visa application method, you will be required to prepare 01 or 02 photos.

For a traditional visa at Embassy/Consulate, a photo is needed to attach on the visa application form for identification. For visa on arrival, you need to prepare at least 02 photos of which 01 is on the visa application form and 01 is for the presentation at the airport if needed.

Acceptable photos

As for visa on arrival, here are regulations for visa photos you need to follow:

  • 02 photos in passport size (4x6cm or 2x2inc).
  • Photos must be the same, taken within 6 months.
  • Color photos, printed on photo paper, white or light color background.
  • Photos must show the entire face.
  • Size from the photo's top edge to the applicant's top head in the photo is 0.6 cm, and from the top head to the chin is 3.6cm.
  • Applicants wear casual clothes, no uniform, no hats, and no head scarves unless it is a religious rule.
  • Applicants must not wear sunglasses or tinted lenses other than prescription glasses unless for health reasons. Applicants must present a medical certificate explaining the wearing of these glasses when taking photos.



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